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The individual panels are grouped by theme, but do not lose sight of the correct chronology.

They guide us through the region where the three Čapek children spent their childhood, where their family lived, and what was going on in the world at the time they were born.

They show how important it was for Karel Čapek to study and pick up experience in other European countries and to establish contact with the young generation of artists in Prague.

However, just as the avant-garde was taking flight, its hopes were grounded for several years by the Great War, during which many talented artists were dispatched to the front and the rest had trouble making a living or finding employment.

As newly independent Czechoslovakia was being bulit after the war, it was a land of opportunity. Karel Čapek embarked on a career as a journalist and enjoyed his first great success as a playwright. As his finances improved, he could afford to build a new home in what was then a suburb of Prague.

The exhibition presents period photographs – taken by Čapek himself – of the house’s interior and garden. Besides showing us how the house was furnished, they hint at the writer’s many interests and hobbies and give us an insight into the relationship he had with the local area.

Over the years, Karel Čapek's house hosted many get‑togethers with friends, the famous Friday Men, artists and important figures from home and abroad. The interior of the house changed most noticeably after the writer’s long-time partner, the actress Olga Scheinpflugová, became his wife and moved in.

In the end, Karel Čapek died of pneumonia here after a short period of connubial bliss and a tremendous fight to preserve the democratic state in the dark times of the Second Republic.

The exhibition presents what Karel Čapek, as a citizen, thought of public and political life at the time. His views are still relevant today.

We also explain the work that is being done to restore Čapek’s house so that it can soon be opened to the public as a museum and memorial.

The exhibition includes numerous contemporary views of places that are linked to the writer’s life and may inspire you to visit them yourselves by journeying through Slovakia in the footsteps of the famous brothers.

Karel Čapek - outdoor exhibition (PDF, 11MB)

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